Benzir Ahammed Shawon

Welcome to Benzir's portfolio.

I'm Benzir Ahammed Shawon (বাংলা: বেনজির আহম্মেদ শাওন), also known as Benzir A. Shawon, from Beautiful Bangladesh. I'm an undergrad student. I'm studying Electrical and Computer Engineering (Major: CSE) under School of Engineering and Physical Science at North South University. I'm a competitive programmer. Machine learning and artificial intelligence researcher, technology and robotics blogger, robotics and microcontroller specialist. I've a huge knowledge in Physics, Astrophysics. I have created a research paper on Astrophysics and extraterrestrial life. My passion is Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I'm a Marxist, and a leader of the historical progressive leftist student organization Bangladesh Students' Union.